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via the Learn English In and Summer Schools In Networks

Learn English In and Summer Schools In are our powerful interwoven network of platforms.

Learn English In Network

We promote your education business or service via the LEI network of platforms to an ever-growing audience of students with study abroad aspirations worldwide.

With brand visibility & SEO benefits we continually publish bespoke content created on your behalf, on all the relevant platforms and to our social media audience numbering over 200,000, putting your business firmly in the limelight.

Showcase your institution across our relevant network

We also have more LEI country, city and state-specific ‘satellite’ sites to further increase your presence and online exposure.

Learn English In Social Media

Increase the ways potential students can find your business

Allow us to create bespoke and optmised content to engage with a relevant audience.

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Professional Educational Video and Photography
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Influencer Tours and Social Media Management
Learn English In Network

Promotion & Content

Learn English In and Summer Schools In Networks
Enter new markets or improve your existing network

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Access our network of agents worldwide
Speak to thousands of potential students in various markets

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